What The Wealthy Affiliate Report Does

Welcome to The Wealthy Affiliate Report.

A website created with new wealtyhaffiliate.com members in mind and dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all things Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’ve happened across our contact page then you are aware that, from time to time, we may stray from our regular content long enough to clarify some of your more lingering questions.

About The Wealthy Affiliate Report

Although, it will be associated, in one way or another, to the training and content materials found on the WA website.

So what do we do other than keeping folks up to date with the goings ons of the WA.

Well we try to make an already easy to understand and follow online money making education platform for beginners even easier by helping them understand the simplest training path for them to take.

Everyone wants to experience financial success online, and everyone wants it sooner rather than later.

At The Wealthy Affiliate Report we do our best to provide a breakdown of what each training path has to offer so that you may better determine which course platform would be best to start with based on an individual’s needs.

Who We Are

The Wealthy Affiliate Report was founded by myself, Jason, and consists of a collection of other WA members that have 5 years or more of premium membership status.

This group of individuals all have one thing in common.

We all are making a full-time living online from the training and tools that my.wealthyaffiliate.com provided us.

I personally have been a member since May 2014 and had a money making website, that WA Provided, up, running and generating a modest income 7 ½ months later.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile

Before forging this new career path I was like most of you reading this…  working to make someone else rich.

I did it as an Ironworker, and for those that don’t know what that is, I was a construction laborer that erected and sheeted metal buildings.

Granted, I don’t get the same kind of adrenaline rush from online marketing as I did from walking a rafter suspended 40 foot in the air, but I do still enjoy what I do.

Especially the freedoms that come with working from home for myself.

Not to mention, I get paid a whole hell of a lot better, but I’ll dive more into the topic of WA’s monetary value a bit later on down the road in another article.

For now, you can go visit Honest Online Money to see the 1st successful website I built using the Premium training and tools found inside the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Along with a few screenshots of what I earn with that site from WA affiliate commissions alone.

Before you go clicking away into the sunset, I want to make something abundantly clear though.

I did not start making money with any of the websites that I’ve made overnight.

Making money online takes time, hard work, persistence and patience.

In other words, it takes the will and want to, to make success happen.

You’ve just gotta want it bad enough and have the patience to stick with it.

The Wealthy Affiliate Report Promise

Before I get to what this site promises its readership and visitors let me first say this:

As a member, and an affiliate, of WA I will be financially compensated by wealthyaffiliate.com for referrals that I send to their website that either

  1.  Sign Up For A Free Membership ( 2 Free Members = $1 for me)
  2. Or that pays to become a premium member (1 premium member + $23.50 for me)

The commission I earn does not increase the sales price for you but instead comes out of the $49/month WA charges for their premium membership.

Now you might be wondering what all this has to do with the promise that we make to our readers and visitors.

Well, it’s because our promise, like that of WA itself, is transparency.

Complete transparency in all things we do and say on this website.

The make money online niche as a whole has more than enough of its fair share of skepticism associated with it due to the low-life crooks and online scammers that try to cheat folks out of their money instead of putting in the work to make their own.

So we will not be adding to all that madness with any false claims nor will we be who-doing anyone out of their hard earned cash.

Instead we will report on all thingsWealthy Affiliate -Good Or Bad- and do so as transparently as possible.

But above all else, we want to help anyone and everyone that is willing to help themselves.

Just keep in mind that making money online will not come easy to everyone and will not happen overnight for anyone but with the help of WA you can get clear cut instructions on how you can be successful at making money online from home.

Well, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort that the WA training requires of you. 

 So, if you are not afraid of dedicating yourself to working to make your dreams a reality then it’s high time you sign up for a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate and let the good folks there help you get on the path to online success so you can experience freedom in its truest sense.

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